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"We are the caribbean's leader in pink conch pearls".

Featuring nothing but the finest quality conch pearls on the market today.

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ink Conch Pearls are only found within the warm water's of the caribbean. These are very rare and are estimated to be found in every 1 out of 2,000..

"Perlas de carrucho son solo encontrados en las aguas calientitas del caribe. Son tan raras que solo se encuentran una de cada 2,000."

These make a stunning gift especially when professionally seated into a setting decorated with other precious stones. Conch has been a delicacy amongst Puerto Rico and the caribbean's native people but it has been only a short time since these rare sea jewels were discovered. Pink Pearls are amongst the rarest of pearls in the world and the strongest compared to ordinary oyster and other pearls.

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